Goodnight, world!

This blog on academic culture has had its day. At one point it even had readers! Back in the days of blogs.

I do miss blogs.

Someone wrote to me this year to say, “maybe this blog should be a book.” I felt flattered. I don’t think so, though. It was writing for a different time. I wouldn’t want to have to revise it all for a new context.

Now I’m not in academia. I’ve said my goodbyes to my academic field. I don’t feel like quite the same person I used to be. I’m not concerned with the same things. I don’t need to criticize a culture I’m not part of.

So I think this is it for the old blog! Goodnight, world! I’m going to migrate all the content away from WordPress so I don’t have to think about WordPress any more. But all the content and URLs should stay the same.

I’m still around on the internet. I still write a lot. And you know where to find me!