my name: eli thorkelson.
how to reach me: eli.thorkelson at gmail dot com.

self portrait

I’m a genderqueer software developer with an anthropology PhD. I’m interested in education, labor, politics, and people’s inner lives. I’m currently living in Decatur, Georgia with my partner and our two little kids.

If you want to know more about me, you can read my biography, read about my life in technology, see some academic papers I’ve written, or read my old blog on academic life.

This site got its name because I used to think a lot about decay and disorder in academic culture. The word decasia was coined by Bill Morrison, who used it for the name of his eerie movie made from decaying film footage. (But this site has nothing to do with Bill, the film Decasia, his website formerly at, the symphony by Michael Gordon, or anything else like that.)

When I think about websites, I like to think back to when the web was a fairly new medium. When people more often had websites that were zany and a little bit personal. Like in 1997.