my name: eli thorkelson.
how to reach me: eli.thorkelson at gmail dot com.
twitter: unambivalence.
see also: curriculum vitae.

I'm an anthropologist currently editing Academography and working on a book, Disappointed Utopia: Radical Philosophy in Postcolonial France. Last year I taught at Stellenbosch University. Before I started teaching I used to work as a web applications programmer for the Humanities Division at the University of Chicago, where I also got my PhD.

I write about anthropology of universities, mainly about radical philosophers and university reforms in France. I've also worked on a collective project to reflect on graduate student socialization in anthropology, and I keep a blog about academic culture.

This site got its name because I often think about anthropology of decay and disorder in academic culture. The word decasia was coined by Bill Morrison, who used it for the name of his eerie movie made from decaying film footage. (But this site has nothing to do with Bill, his film Decasia, his website formerly at, the symphony by Michael Gordon, or anything else like that.)

When I think about websites, I like to think back to when the web was a fairly new medium. When people more often had websites that were zany and a little bit personal. Like in 1997.