"The life history draws closer to the official presentation of the official model of the self (identity card, civil record, curriculum vitae, official biography) and to the philosophy of identity which underlies it, as one draws closer to official interrogations in official inquiries — the limit of which is the judicial inquiry or police investigation — at the same time, drawing away from the intimate exchanges between very close friends and from the logic of the secret which are current in these protected markets..." (Pierre Bourdieu, "The Biographical Illusion")

In lieu of a real biography, here are a few details about my itinerary:

Current home: Stellenbosch, South Africa/Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Former homes:
Willimantic, Connecticut
Mansfield, Connecticut
Ithaca, New York
Whittier, California
Interests other than academic:
ember.js for web development
digital culture
music and politics
the woods