Whittier College at the end of summer

I grew up partly in a college town, and I’ve been around college campuses most of my life. One of my favorite times of year is this late-summer empty moment that happens after summer sessions finish and before classes start for the fall. It’s peaceful; you get a clearer view of the space.

Here’s what Whittier College looks like this time of year.

whittier-summer - 1
Courtyard of the Campus Center

whittier-summer - 3
Uphill into the center of campus.
Out towards the street.
Out towards the street.
whittier-summer - 7
Outside the building where I’m teaching.
An empty garden.
An empty garden.
No one's visiting Nixon's memorial.
No one’s visiting Nixon’s memorial.
"Don't befriend creepy people online," says a chalk text.
“Don’t befriend creepy people online,” says a chalk text.

I confess I avoided a handful of passers-by in taking these photographs, but the sense of momentary social emptiness is very real nevertheless, as if emptiness was one moment at the far end of a swinging pendulum of social motion.