Graduate Socialization
in Anthropology

Institutional Reform

To remind people that institutional change in academia is not only possible but ongoing around the world, here is a brief timeline of recent projects and reforms we've come across. Any additional suggestions, especially about the historical situation outside Europe and North America, would be very welcome.

2009-10 An unusual wave of protest against threats to California's public university system is ongoing.
2008-10 A series of politically oriented conferences in Minneapolis aim to rethink the university.
2007-9 A minor but interesting occurrence in university history: Antioch College, founded in 1852, was closed down by its Board of Trustees in 2008, but quasi-miraculously reopened a year later. Especially worth noting is the unofficial, temporary college concocted as a substitute for the college: essentially a replacement liberal arts college in a loft.
2006-present An Anthropology Diversity Initiative at the University of Michigan, chronicled here by Anneeth Hundle, examines the ways that racial and other minorities are represented within an anthropology department.
2005 Foundation of the World Council of Anthropological Associations, aiming to reduce international inequalities within the anthropological profession.
2002 Founding of the Ethnography of the University Initiative at the University of Illinois, a wide-reaching project that includes student investigations of everything from racial boundaries to campus evangelism.
1999-present Formation of Anthropology Matters, a collective project of anthropology graduate students and early career anthropologists designed "to stimulate discussion on the production of anthropological knowledge through a focus on training, teaching, research and writing." They have published much courageous work on life and even garb in anthropology.
1999-2010 The European Bologna Process is put in motion, guiding the subsequent decade through a long series of European university reforms. The tenth anniversary has seen continued protest against the reforms, whose market-oriented neoliberal influences have attracted criticism, and also speculation on the possible importation of the Bologna Process to the United States.
1992 Foundation of the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions, which brings together dozens of graduate student unions across North America in hopes of collectively improving working conditions.