Graduate Socialization
in Anthropology


We have published a short collection of papers in Anthro News, but the bulk of the project has been published in Michigan Discussions in Anthropology. The current list of papers is the following:

Michigan Discussions in Anthropology (Vol. 18, Spring 2010):

Eli Thorkelson Experience, Reflexive Socialization and Disciplinary Order in Anthropology
Hanna Garth Lost and Delirious in the Anthropology Graduate Application Process: Negotiations of the Self in early Graduate Socialization
Sara Stephens and Amelia Fay "This Masters is Going to Kill Me": E-Narratives of Stress and Support Between Anthropology Graduate Students
Viola Allo Leaving: A Personal Narrative of Graduate School
Kathleen Millar, Rebecca Prahl, Christine Reiser and Christy DeLair Reconsidering Routes to Membership in the Anthropological Community
Kathryn Graber "Personal Communication, 2006": Authorship and Ownership in Anthropology
Anneeth Kaur Hundle Avoiding Race-Avoidance? Anthropologists and Affirmative Action
Jessica Marie Falcone 'I spy...': The (Im)possibilities of Ethical Participant Observation with Antagonists, Religious Extremists, and Other Tough Nuts
Susan U. Philips The Feminization of Anthropology: Moving Private Discourses into the Public Sphere
Eli Thorkelson The Limits of Theory: Idealism, Distinction and Critical Pedagogy in Chicago Anthropology
Danilyn Rutherford In Defense of Ambivalence
Marc K. H´┐Żbert Participatory Pedagogy
Jessica Marie Falcone A Meditation on Meditation: The Horizons of Meditative Thinking in Tibetan Monasticism and American Anthropology