You can read the dissertation abstract if you want.

My dissertation was called Hostile Futures: Radical Philosophy and the French University Movement of 2009. It is an ethnographic study of a French philosophy department and of a French university protest movement. I'm planning to split it up into two separate books.

When I have time, I'll write a more updated description of my general research project. For now, here's the dissertation table of contents, from 2014. It gives a good sense of many of my interests.


Part I: The Politics of University Temporality

Chapter 1: Hostile futures in the 2009 university strike

Chapter 2: The struggle for a counter-model

Chapter 3: The circularity of utopia

Interlude I: Departmental spacetime

Part II: The Life of Thought

Chapter 4: The twisted paths of emancipation

Chapter 5: Thought against world

Chapter 6: Borders one never escapes

Chapter 7: Je n’en peux plus

Interlude II: Politics in the classroom

Part III: The Twilight of Reflexivity

Chapter 8: The fracturing of the campus

Chapter 9: The echo of precarity

Chapter 10: The failure of left internationalism

Chapter 11: Utopian fragments