I'm currently finishing a book project called Disappointed Utopia: Radical Philosophy in Postcolonial France. I like keeping a record of my own progress on writing and revisions. Here's the provisional table of contents, and the work log from my editing process. I'll post a more detailed summary as soon as I can get to it.

Table of Contents

Manuscript work log

Date Changes
2019-02-14 Copyediting: typos, improve section names
2019-02-14 Meta: Fix internal chapter references, add works cited
2019-02-13 Numerous chapters: Finish chapter transitions
2019-02-13 Numerous chapters: Copyediting.
2019-02-13 Intro: Copyediting.
2019-02-13 Ch8: Finish copyediting
2019-02-13 Ch5: Rename chapter
2019-02-13 Meta: Update front matter
2019-02-08 Intro: Copyediting
2019-02-08 Conclusion: Remove massive scraps, write brief stub of a conclusion
2019-02-08 Preface: Copyediting
2019-02-07 Misc: Wording changes
2019-02-07 Ch2: Almost done with revisions
2019-02-06 Ch5: Formatting fix
2019-02-06 Ch2: Further copyediting
2019-02-05 Front matter: Start cleaning up
2019-02-05 Ch8: Finish revisions
2019-02-05 Ch8: Major revisions in progress. TODO Rancière/Lyotard sections and conclusion
2019-02-03 Ch8: Remove unnecessary cruft, rewrite chapter intro
2019-02-01 Ch8: Prep for final edits. Rearrange order of chapters. Break up long sections into short ones. Brainstorm new structure
2019-02-01 Ch7: Copyediting. Only last section still needs finishing
2019-01-31 Ch7: Almost done
2019-01-28 Ch7: Ritual section edits. Rename chapter
2019-01-27 Ch7: Edit vernacular geography section
2019-01-26 Ch7 edits: Working on chapter intro and train journey ethnography
2019-01-26 Ch7: Remove scraps folder
2019-01-23 Ch7: Still tinkering with introduction
2019-01-20 Ch7: Almost done with chapter intro
2019-01-17 Ch7: Start writing about border reflexivity. (Plus misc changes elsewhere)
2019-01-17 Small changes in preparation for Ch7 revisions
2019-01-17 Ch4, Ch5: Use more descriptive chapter names
2018-12-20 Remove Ch6, renumber
2018-12-20 Ch6: Finish major edits
2018-12-19 Ch6: Revisions to first two sections
2018-12-19 Ch8: Rename, reorganize in preparation for editing
2018-12-19 Ch6: Major revisions
2018-12-17 Meta: Move around a few things, plan for Ch8 and conclusion
2018-12-17 Ch6: Finally done drafting ideology section
2018-12-15 Ch6: Still working on introducing the chapter
2018-12-15 Intro: Add TODOs for future clarification
2018-12-15 Ch1: Tiny clarification of wording
2018-12-15 Conclusion: Rename, add some unfocused ruminations
2018-12-15 Ch6: Work on international ideology section
2018-12-14 Ch6: Working on intro
2018-12-14 Ch8: Minor name change
2018-12-14 Ch6: Start major revisions
2018-12-14 Ch8: Minor section renaming. (Probably won't keep that section.)
2018-12-14 Ch2: Add citation on campus neighborhood hostility
2018-12-14 Ch5: Edit concluding section. Rename reputation section
2018-12-13 Ch2: Add transition on colonial ambivalence, plus copyediting
2018-12-12 Ch2: Wording changes to kids from the projects
2018-12-12 Ch3: Rename to 'white radical ambivalence'
2018-12-12 Ch6: Preparations for editing
2018-12-12 Ch2, Ch6: Working on whiteness and banlieues
2018-12-12 Ch4: More explanatory name
2018-12-12 Reorganize: Ch5 becomes Ch2 (and is edited, shortened). Renumber, rename other chapters
2018-12-11 Ch5: Work in progress, many sections left to finish
2018-12-08 Ch5: Major reorganization, prep for finishing chapter body
2018-12-08 Ch5: Edit introductory section
2018-12-07 Ch5-6: Start work on major reorg of banlieue material
2018-12-04 Ch4: Major reshuffling, hopefully improved and cleaned up narrative
2018-12-03 Ch4: Add May 68 overview and general chapter revisions
2018-11-26 Ch4: Start work on cleanup, remove unneeded sections, start adding description of May 1968
2018-11-25 Ch3: Revise ending sections. Still needs concluding paragraphs.
2018-11-25 Ch3: Remove scrap sections
2018-11-24 Major revision to Chapter 3. Improve gender analysis.
2018-11-21 Major revision and cleanup for Chapter 2
2018-11-20 Surgery to Ch. 2. Remove some unused sections
2018-11-20 Flesh out Navet section in ch2
2018-11-20 Improve Vermeren section in ch2
2018-11-20 Chapter 2 edits. Streamline, move some sections elsewhere.
2018-11-18 Scrivener update creates havoc. Plus ch2 intro edits
2018-11-09 Improve Lecerf unambivalence section
2018-11-08 Update ch 2 intro
2018-11-08 Move everything to content folder
2018-11-08 Initial commit